One of the last films I would have thought to get a 4K release would be Ghoulies (1984). Not because it’s a bad film, but there are many other films you’d expect to see first. It would be one of the more popular titles to be birthed from Empire Pictures, and with its iconic marketing campaign, how could you forget it?

In a sense, it was a bit of a Gremlins clone but managed to birth its own identity. Directed by Luca Bercovici, the silly little monster movie would enjoy a theatrical release and spawn three sequels. For Charles Band, it would be one of the first films he produced that would launch a life-long obsession with tiny creatures.

The film launched the career of Marissa Hargitay, who has spent the last twenty-four years playing Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU. It would also be an editing job for Ted Nicolaou, creator of Full Moon’s long-running Subspecies. Ghoulies has a history and deserves to be preserved in the best format possible.

Jonathon Graves (Peter Liapis) has just inherited his family home after his estranged father Malcolm (Michael Des Barres) passes away. He and his girlfriend Rebecca (Lisa Pelikan) decide to move in and fix the place up. Jonathon soon begins to learn about his father’s black magic past and begins to dabble in it himself, eventually unleashing a group of blood-thirsty little demons who are ready to serve their master Malcolm, who is being resurrected from beyond the grave.

'Ghoulies' (1984) 4K Ultra Blu-ray
MVD Rewind Collection

As the second title from MVD Rewind’s 4K LaserVision Collection, Ghoulies follows the release of Swamp Thing (1982). Much like that release, the 4K upgrade really pops without being too crisp. The transfer preserves the ’80s look, mostly cleaning up some of the rougher spots.

As for the movie itself, it might take itself a little too seriously, but there’s no denying how fun these films are, and the effects work is just really cool.  If you’re a fan of ’80s B-movie nostalgia, you’ll want this right away, even if it’s just to stare at the iconic “Ghoulie in a toilet” artwork on the included mini-poster.

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It’s definitely an upgrade from the previous release from Shout Factory. With part two being available, they’re both must-own discs. There’s no shortage of special features with two commentary tracks, a video introduction by Bercovici, several in-depth interviews, a making of, trailers, and a still gallery. The only thing that could have really pushed this set over the top would have been the inclusion of the soundtrack by Richard Band and Shirley Walker, both legends.

I’m really enjoying this new series of releases from the 4K LaserVision Collection, so let the speculating begin as to what their next release will be. Until then, enjoy Ghoulies as you’ve never seen it before.

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