Meet the Team

Melissa Hannon

Melissa is the owner and editor-in-chief of Horror Geek Life and a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic. She has covered festivals and conventions nationwide as official press, including SXSW, Tribeca, E3, PAX, Fantastic Fest, Dallas International Film Festival, Scarefest, Texas Frightmare Weekend, Comicpalooza, and more. She was an official film judge for the FEARnyc Horror Film Festival and Women in Horror Film Festival.

Jeremy Dick
Editor-at-Large/Features Writer

Jeremy has been a writer and editor since 2014. He is a self-professed horror expert, pop-culture enthusiast, and Bob Saget fanatic.

Stephen Rosenberg
Editor-at-Large/Features Writer/Critic

Stephen is a massive horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and action movie geek. He has watched the worst of the worst and the best of the best. He's an avid horror & sci-fi book/comic reader, gamer, musician, and podcaster. He co-founded and co-hosts Motion Picture Meltdown (movie-roasting podcast since 2009) and The Curly Mustache Podcast (villains comparison podcast since 2019), all part of the United Cypher Podcast Network. He's an experienced copywriter and has previously been a contributing writer for the gaming website ResumePlay and BleacherReport.

Corey Danna
Features Writer/Critic

As well as writing for Horror Geek Life, Corey contributes to,,, and His work has appeared in print magazines Kung Fu Tai Chi, LunchMeat VHS, and Exploitation Nation. He contributed heavily to the book The Good, The Tough, and The Deadly: Action Movies and Stars 1960-Present, released by Schiffer Publishing in 2016. He also has done some work as a publicist and continues to do so for heavy metal icon Jon-Mikl Thor.

Sean Shuman
Features Writer/Critic

Sean is a devout data hoarder, CD collector, and purveyor of weird things. When he's not scouring the depths for the odd and macabre, he's usually playing video games, trying to learn Blender, and subsisting on coffee and protein bars. He also knows how to "get things."

Kyle Youldon
Features Writer/Critic

Kyle is an avid player of video games, watcher of movies, reader of comics, and collector of collectibles. He is a rookie cosplayer and enjoys making props based on video games and movies. His Funko collection is far bigger than he cares to admit.

Kurt Marquart
Features Writer/Critic/Star Wars Ambassador

Kurt is a toy industry illustrator and the creator of Squaredy Cats. He’s beaten Missile Command and Doom, but a three-year-old can beat him in Mario Kart. He keeps a humorous and neurotic blog called The And is Near. He’s editing his first novel about a post-Singularity distant future called From the Weeds of Eden: The Edge of Evermore.

Jeff Fountain
Features Writer/Critic

Jeff is a horror and sci-fi movie buff and has had the pleasure of interviewing many fan-favorite actors, actresses, and filmmakers from both genres over the years.

Catie Moyer
Features Writer/Critic

Catie is the co-founder of the horror-theory podcast Mise-en-Scream, and a contributor to Horror Geek Life and other publications. She participates competitively in Spartan Races and other OCR events because being a Final Girl is an everyday job. She watches the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer once a year. It's been eleven years and counting.

Steph Cannon
Features Writer/Critic

Steph Cannon is a Writer, Comic Creator, Film Critic, and Columnist living in California. She's a lifelong horror fan, having grown up as a child of the '80s watching classic slasher and monster films. She can talk for hours about Jaws and John Carpenter movies, probably while wearing black and being overly caffeinated. In addition to being a Staff Writer for Horror Geek Life, she also writes for CreepyKingdom.Com and and has contributed to Fangoria and Daily Dead. As a comic writer, she co-owns the content creation company Insymmetry Creations, where she and her partner have several published and self-published titles.

Brent Hannon
Site Design/Tech Guru

Brent provides all levels of tech support for Horror Geek Life and manages the site functionality and design.