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Charles Band has always been ahead of the pack when trying to implement new things into his realm. With distribution labels, streaming services, effects, etc., he tries to do things before anyone else does. I wouldn’t say everything he’s tried was a success, but at least he’s trying. Band must be doing something right since Full Moon has been churning out product for over thirty-five years.

With AI technology at the forefront of discussions, Band decided to tackle it as the subject of his latest film, AIMEE: The Visitor. The film claims to hold the title of being “the very first AI-created femme fatale in film history.” The movie itself won’t set the world ablaze, but it does offer up a pretty compelling concept and delivers a solid 68 minutes of entertainment.

Scott Keyes (Dallas Schaefer) is a computer hacker who never leaves his apartment. He consumes nothing but junk food and porn, morning to night unless he’s hacking. His neighbors, Hunter (Felix Merback) and Gazelle (Faith West), also hack, and he uses them to help with certain jobs.

When they bring him the key to a sophisticated source code, they unknowingly unlock AIMEE. Scott keeps her to himself, where she learns everything about him and does what she can to please him. As his obsession with the potentially evil AI grows, Gazelle grows worried for him, even though he treats her like crap. When they all discover AIMEE’s true intentions, it may be too late for them all.

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The film was obviously made on a shoestring budget, like most Full Moon features, but it has a solid script with a very interesting story. There are a few moments where it feels like it could fall into Seductive Cinema territory (Full Moon’s erotic line of films), but it focuses on building suspense. While I would not call it original, it’s done very well, taking place in only a couple of locations and moving at a very brisk pace.

Band is confident behind the camera, working from a script by Neal Marshall Stevens (Thirteen Ghosts), who uses the pseudonym Roger Barron. The movie raises some interesting questions, but it’s barely a film when its runtime is only an hour and eight minutes. It also ends in a way that all but promises a sequel, and we know Band loves sequels.

Aside from some Full Moon trailers, the Blu-ray doesn’t contain any extras, and that’s a shame. I’m really interested in hearing more about the creation of the film and the process they went through to use the AI technology they did. I’m sure the information is out there, and I’ll have to track it down.

AIMEE: The Visitor is an above-average science fiction thriller and proves Full Moon isn’t about to wither away. They’re as innovative as they’ve ever been, and I’ll be interested to see the direction they take should a sequel come to fruition.

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