Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters (Sony)
Columbia Pictures

Ernie Hudson will star in the upcoming horror film Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole, which Lilton Stewart III is writing and directing. Filming is expected to begin this spring. Hudson stated in the announcement, “I am excited to work with everyone on this production, and added, “It’s an incredibly creative and smart project.”

Hudson will play Oswald Jebediah Coleman, a brilliant animator who is cast away to a bone-chilling magical prison. When his grandson, Art (Topher Hall: Hulu’s Single Drunk Female), and Art’s brother, Evan (Yasha Rayzberg), go on a journey to track down his family lineage, it quickly turns into a bloodcurdling nightmare. They are transported to a place lost in time, shrouded by dark Hollywood magic.

“I had a very specific vision for Oswald’s character and knew I wanted Ernie for this role from the start, as I’ve always admired iconic cinematic legacy,” stated director and producer Lilton Stewart III. “Ernie is going to bring Oswald’s unique and vengeful spirit to life in the best way possible.”

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“The opportunity to work with Ernie is a dream come true,” said Lucinda Bruce, producer and founder of Lady of the Light Productions. “I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to portray Oswald in the film and am thrilled for the audience to see what we are working on.”

Ernie Hudson recently returned to his iconic role as Winston in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, a franchise he has starred in since the original film was released in 1984. He also previously appeared in The Crow, HBO’s Oz, Twin Peaks, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and the Quantum Leap revival, which was canceled by NBC this week.

Check out the teaser below and visit the official website to learn more about Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole.


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