Enter the Drag Dragon (2023) Review
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Going into Enter the Drag Dragon (2023), I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I knew it would be a wild ride but failed to fasten my seatbelt. Lee Demarbre is a Quebec filmmaker known for making whacked-out films like Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001) and the Harry Knuckles saga. If you’re familiar with those, you’ll know what to expect but dialed up to eleven.

MVD Visual has acquired his latest cult gem and released it on a Special Edition Blu-ray. Being dubbed a “Drag-fu” action/comedy, it’s sure to become a favorite among the midnight movie crowd.

Crunch and their long-time best friend, Jaws, spend part of their time working as private detectives. Crunch also happens to be a drag queen who knows kung-fu and isn’t afraid to use it or their deadly “cock-chucks” on anyone who goes after her family or friends. Crunch decides to take on the biggest case of his career and try to retrieve a missing painting. It proves to be far more difficult than imagined since everyone is after the same valuable painting. And to make matters worse, the dead have begun to rise, and this case may be his death.

That description doesn’t do Enter the Drag Dragon justice because there’s so much going on. Perhaps too much at times, but it’s always a blast. Somewhere between a John Waters film and a Troma film, the jokes fly as fast and furiously as the action on a budget of next to nothing.

The lead character of Crunch is played by three different actors (Jade London, Matt Miwa, Samnaang Tep, and Sam Kellerman), all of whom are drag artists with their own distinct styles. It’s a funny gimmick, but each performer also has the opportunity to interpret the character their own way while never losing sight of who the character is. Beatrice Beres as Jaws offers the perfect balance for them to achieve it.

The film is a tribute to martial arts action films from the ’80s and ’90s, especially with a character who wears a different black t-shirt with the names of Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Cynthia Rothrock, and more every time he appears on screen. Everything is thrown into the story: ghosts, androids, zombies, musical numbers, and more join the fun. It can sometimes be a little much, but it all works in the end.

The disc includes several special features, including a commentary with director Lee Gordon Demarbre, writer Mark Pollesel, composer John Carroll, and stars Sam Kellerman and Natalie Moreno, a 44-minute behind-the-scenes look, deleted scenes, outtakes, and trailers.

It’s an absolute blast from start to finish, full of laughs and action that truly delivers a unique experience.

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