Blumhouse Games Initial Lineup
Blumhouse Games

Following its inception last year, Blumhouse Games has been relatively quiet…until now. During the 2024 Summer Games Fest show on Friday, the studio unveiled its first six games that will be published under its banner, with the first one set to release later this year. All six games come from different developers, but they all share a similar aspect: they look creepy as hell.

These announced games are:

  • Crisol Theater of Idols from Vermila Games promises a terrifying first-person experience set in an alternate version of Spain where statues of saints come to life. 
  • Grave Seasons from Perfect Garbage is an unassuming pixelated farming simulator with a supernatural serial-killer twist.
  • Sleep Awake from Eyes Out and game designers Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails) and Cory Davis is a first-person psychedelic horror game set in the future. Players step in the boots of Katja as she battles supernatural forces. 
  • Fear the Spotlight from Cozy Game Pals follows two kids who break into their school after closing and discover a decades-old horrific event.
  • The Simulation from Playmestudio is a crime story that follows a retired game designer who only has one piece of evidence to prove a crime…his unreleased horror game. 
  • Project C, from Half Mermaid Productions and game designers Sam Barlow (writer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories) and Brandon Cronenberg (writer/director of Possessor and Infinity Pool), is a game about which little is known, but it promises twisted futuristic heartbreak. 

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So far, we only got some quick glances at each game during the presentation. Fear the Spotlight will kick things off with its release later this year.

When the Blumhouse Games banner was officially announced, it was clear that the publisher would initially stick to the indie-darling wheelhouse, but there’s room in the future to adapt movies into the interactive genre and vice versa.

Check out the Summer Game Fest reveal below!


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