Interview with the Vampire Season 2, Episode 7

Spoilers for ‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season 2, Episode 7

The events that take place in this week’s episode, titled “I Could Not Prevent It, are more than simply a trial of Louis and Claudia. On stage, the vampires expose everything that they are to an unknowing human audience. Lies. Betrayal. Loneliness. Anger. Revenge. All of these things are on display and, led by Lestat, is a grand event indeed. It is equal measure simplistic and complicated, making for some wonderful moments from start to finish.

The episode picks up right where we left off last week, watching Louis, Claudia, and Madeleine being dragged to the stage at the Theatre des Vampires to be put on trial for crimes against the vampire code. As they bring out the big, regal chair for someone to sit in, Louis feels the presence of an approaching vampire, who we already know is Lestat. Entering the stage in all self-centered, megalomaniac glory, he takes his place to recite a story that to the audience is just theater, but in actual fact is very real. 

Of course, the viewing audience already knows what Santiago and the rest of the coven here are about to find out, that Lestat will never follow directions, follow a script, only do what he wants to do. However, in the beginning, Lestat obliges, following along and telling the tale of betrayal, building up resentment and hate in the audience for the three vampires on trial. It is pure Lestat, reveling in the spotlight and attention, absorbed in his all-encompassing belief that he is right. He does have a moment when he seems almost sincere, apologizing to Louis for dropping him from the great heights when they were literally at each other’s throats. But it truly is like Lestat is playing a role in the apology, something he has done consistently over the years to many who have crossed his path.

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It is curious to see this played out through the memories of Louis and Armand as Daniel attempts to keep them on point during their interview in the present day. Armand sold out all three vampires on trial, yet he was in the crowd, guarded, forced to watch as his punishment from the coven, with his leadership now gone as well. Louis tries to explain how he could be forgiven for that but Daniel isn’t buying it. Yet here, the two of them sit, companions of a sort, together for decades. Both Armand and Louis have their own toxic traits, and as Daniel has shown through this interview, it’s a wonder how they are still together. While Lestat is an easy target of anger and frustration, are these two really any better? Can any vampire live their immortal lives free of being selfish, greedy, and destructive, sometimes self-destructive? 

Claudia and Madeline are found guilty and sentenced to death. Poor Madeline. She became a vampire at the worst possible time. She had a choice to either join the coven or die. After declaring Claudia as her coven, they both died in each other’s arms, burnt to death from a very carefully focused ray of natural light. Claudia shines in this episode, defiant to the end and not willing to compromise anything. Her promise to the crowd to come back in the next life, if there is such a thing, and kill them all was Claudia at her finest. Louis was “spared,” thanks to Armand, but was basically buried alive in the basement, a punishment worse than death. 

The episode is pure high drama and theater, and it gives all the major players a chance to shine. It was so good to see Sam Reid back as Lestat, giving a subdued yet powerful performance that really gave the audience no choice but to be captivated, enthralled, and totally under his spell. Reid continues to give Lestat that much-needed aura that makes it difficult to fully believe him, no matter which way he is leaning to suit his needs.

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Jacob Anderson and Delainey Hayles give Louis and Claudia just the right amount of anger and frustration, and you can’t help wondering if Louis, while staring at the empty chair before Lestat arrives on stage, has a part of him that is eager to see his maker again.

The drama, build-up, and execution (no pun intended) of “I Could Not Prevent It” were written very well, taking the viewer along for the ride in what played out as yet another turning point for many characters in this season. Both subtle and flamboyant, we are left with a sense of revenge and violence to come.

With only one episode left in Interview With the Vampire season 2, it goes without saying that Lestat, Louis, and Armand still have parts to play to finish this part of the play once and for all.


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