Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Episode 8

Spoilers for ‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season 2, Episode 8

It is a testament to Interview with the Vampire that the cast and crew topped last week’s trial of emotions episode, which could have easily wrapped up the season on its own. Instead, we have “And That’s the End of It. There’s Nothing Else, a heartbreaking and heartfelt conclusion full of drama, anger, violence, what-ifs, and what’s to come. 

Last week’s episode saw the trial sentence and execution of Madeline and Claudia and the banishment of Louis, who is to be buried alive in the basement of the Theater des Vampires. The final episode picks up right there, with Louis buried alive. This pivotal moment is relived in real-time in Dubai with Louis, Armand, and Daniel. There are pivotal moments in everyone’s lives, mortal or vampire, and for Louis, this was one. Armand does save him, but instead of fleeing Paris, he tries to regain his strength and sanity with one singular focus: Death to all who killed Claudia. 

He warns Armand to stay away from the Theater and burns it down while most of the coven is asleep in their coffins. He kills a few others outside of the Theater until he is left with only Santiago and Lestat. He plays Santiago perfectly, feeding his narcissistic tendencies and huge ego, so he has no idea he is walking into a trap and, ultimately, loses his head. Lestat, though, was different. Louis, accompanied by Armand, found him in the lair of Lestat’s maker. Brute force might not have won the day for Louis here. Lestat is very strong, so he ‘killed’ him the only way he knew how, by kissing Armand and declaring to Lestat that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. 

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In Dubai, Louis declared the story over; thus, the interview was over. But thankfully, Daniel Molloy is doing the interview, and though he is riddled with his own flaws, he knows lies and omissions when he hears them. This is a big moment in the episode and season. All three actors playing these roles magnificently recognize the importance of the scene and make it tense and enjoyable to watch. It turns out it was Lestat who saved Louis at the trial, not Armand, and Armand was taking credit for it all along. Louis, after a fit of anger and violence, says goodbye to Armand, but not before telling him to leave Daniel alive. As for Daniel, Louis shakes his hand, thanks him, and promises to wire him ten million dollars as they part ways.

Until now, it has been a rollercoaster of an episode and very impressive as well. But the best was yet to come. Louis tracks down Lestat in New Orleans, and the two of them get it all out in the open, once and for all. The anger, the grief, the guilt, and the sorrow all came pouring out of them like a tidal wave. Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson create beautiful moments here as Lestat and Louis, forever loving each other but never again able to traverse that void that everything has created, especially the death of Claudia. Parting ways now seems the only logical thing they can do.

The Interview With the Vampire season 2 finale wraps up with Daniel Molloy pushing his best-seller about his interview with a vampire and being the Daniel we all love by repping into the host of a talk show who is belittling him, his career, and the book. Then, out of nowhere, we learn that Daniel is now a vampire, turned by Armand after Louis left. Daniel makes a telepathic phone call to Louis, talking together like the strange surrogate brother relationship they now share. But Louis also hears other vampires talking, wanting to hunt him down for the things he had done. To this, Louis announces where he lives and challenges all those who wish to come after him. At long last, he is finding ways to be his own man and find his own path, wherever that may lead.

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An incredibly well-done episode, “And That’s the End of It. There’s Nothing Else” was the exclamation mark and a truly wonderful season of television. Beyond the solid performances by all the leads and the excellent writing and set design, the show left us wanting more by hinting at what else may come.

The Talamasca has been greenlit in this new Immortal Universe, and the casual dropping of the name Akasha, who has a very important role in Anne Rice’s books, may appear here. It all adds up to an extremely fulfilling and beautifully made show that simply excelled in all things in its second season. I am equally nervous and excited about how they will carry on the show and how season three can continue to give us the same high-quality television.


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